Narayan Nagbali (Pitra Dosh)

Narayan Naagbali - The most important worship practice to eliminate the errors caused by the prematuraly death of any person of family. This practice is also called "Kamya Vidhi". Please note that there are two diferrent worships, one is Narayan Bali and other one is Narayan Naagbali. To eliminate past errors and contentment the souls of fore-father is main objective of Narayan Bali. Naagbali the other hand, specially programmed to eliminate the errors occurred by killing the snakes, serpants or Cobra. There is no effect by any worship practiced in single one, but both worships should be performed togatherly. Everyone has to perform this worship practice to content the soul of prematurely dead, Ghost trouble, patricide or patrilinal errors, snake killing, contentment of forefathers, fertility, purify the wealth, blessing by forefathers and others wishes if any. According to spiritual science, Narayan Bali is a constant code to come up from life hole of difficulties drawn by curse, partrilinal curse, cursed by deceased, Mother curse, Brother curse, Wife curse etc. must be eliminated by the said worship practices. Narayan Naagbali, the other hand, shall be rite when circumstances faced by devotees like infertility, Hard life and poverty, sticky diseases, ghost shadows, premature death, chain of accidents along with curse, partrilinal curse, cursed by deceased, Mother curse, Brother curse, Wife curse and therefore, Narayan Naagbali must be worshipped. Narayan Naagbali - the spritual practice revealed by Saint-Shaunak Priest, this worship specially performs to eliminate the errors when a snake, serpant or cobra killed/defeated by any person of the family or any person who is witness of the snake killing or shown intention of killing then the Naagbali worship should be practiced. There is a system of giving ther water to dissatisfied souls of forefathers called that "Pinddan", through which the souls motivates to heven and bless us for further life circle.


  • To gain children
  • To eliminate ghost impacts
  • To discharge from trouble occurred by if any ancestor left incidently by premature death (It has so called as "Durman", means very sad death occurred by accident, suicide, burnt or drown)
  • To free from curse of dead and to cast the breath spell over, incantation.

Important Note:

  • Narayan Naagbali takes place within 3 days.
  • For the worship, man has to wear new white dhoti, (Bottom like), Gamacha (Shirt-top like), towel, Underwear, Napkin and woman has to wear Sari, Blouse(Top) and peti-coat must.
  • You can carry a Gold-Snake (optionally).
  • No any devotee shall wear the black dress while worship.
  • All dovotee please to reach before 5 PM early evening of the occassion day.